Happy Birthday, Riley!

Sunday was what would have been Riley’s 11th birthday. Lost him 18 months ago to cancer after 9.5 years together and never dreamed that I would still be mourning his loss in my life. At least thinking of him now makes me smile as my eyes water. In my mind, see both the chunky monkey 12lb puppy I adopted from the rescue in eastern WA and the gorgeous amber eyed 84lb pup I held as he drew his last breath. No matter his age, was always able to see that ‘inner puppy’ in his face throughout his years. He will forever be the pup of my heart as that seems to be where he took root and has remained.

The first year without him, I send four beautiful sapling trees to a shelter in California that had put together a new play yard for their dogs but had no shade. It was such a rewarding thing to do for me, helping me heal by thinking of trees growing over the years, providing shade for other shelter pups. This years it was 11 cases of canned puppy food for a shelter in Oregon who had an abundance of abandoned puppies and 11 bags of small breed dog food for another shelter in California with many of the little chi’s, knowing that every rescue group / shelter needs help so more “Riley’s” can find their forever homes.

“Dogs never die, they lie sleeping in our hearts and they are alive in our dreams”

Happy Birthday Riley Roo, loved you then, love you still, always have, always will.