June 30 Day Challenge – #7



7 – Saturday! What are you up to?
Our first full day with Teddy @ home! what a cutie! eats like he’s starved (moving the food dish all over the kitchen) so went out and got him a ceramic dish so he can’t move it around, also got him a leash (needed something longer since he’s so small) and cut down an existing collar and re-stitched it smaller so he’d have something more comfortable. Paul gave him a bath – he now smells great and doesn’t leave a dirt patch on your hand if you pet him. Keiry & B-man came to visit – Teddy was quite enamored of both of them!


2 thoughts on “June 30 Day Challenge – #7

  1. I love 30 day challenges.. They really can help you to create habits etc.. Love the picture of the dog as well!

    I recently started a 30 day challenge and failed it.. I learned something from it though.

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